Religion is a Broken Base

If you think about it, religion is a broken base.

A broken base is a disagreement in a fanbase. For example, say that a new novel in a book series comes out. Now, the fanbase is divided in two pieces. Those who love the new novel, and those who hate it. Cue the forums exploding in arguments.

Say that the whole world is a massive video game. There are many sidequests, character development, and one, long running, story about the stupidity of humanity, always doing really dumb stuff, such as blame computers for everything that went wrong in WWII. Then, there is one important question in the game’s tutorial levels.

“Who created the world?”

And many options show up

  • God
  • A series of gods and goddesses
  • Allah
  • Nothing
  • I don’t know
  • Everything created the world
  • The big bang

And those weren’t the only options. But, those are the only ones I’ll mention for now, since, hoo boy, there’s a lot.

Each one has their own perks, characters, and lore to explore, but it caused a rift between everyone who choose *Blah*. There are those who think god created the world, and refuse to accept anyone else’s thoughts, those who think that no one created the world, those who think whatever, and those who don’t know.

Then, all of a sudden, players got into fights about it. The fights escalated into war, and even worse things happened.

Players who grief others over their religion choice arose, causing many players to deal with too many game over screens, players who manipulate others to get money, players who scam, players that downright hate others, the list goes on.

If only we could accept each other for what we believe in, then, perhaps, the world could become a better place. Then again, there are those who just won’t quit what they do. Heh, these problems have been following us since the beginning, really shows how pathetic we are, huh?


2 thoughts on “Religion is a Broken Base

  1. Great writimg, and I couldn’t agree more. Why can’t we all just accept that others think differently and respect them for that. On a micro level it works much better. I was close to someone who believed fiercely. She knew I was a ‘non-believer’ as she termed it, but it didn’t lessen our gaming friendship. If we all could just feel the same about others we don’t know personally!

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  2. I don’t think people should accept other people for what they believe if (a) it harms others or prevents beneficial progress from taking place (b) is pushed on people through dishonesty, falacies or the first part of (a), or (c) it deminishes research on a reality that is more likely to be correct, this preventing (b).

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