My Favorite Yo-kai in “Yo-Kai Watch”

The reason I started playing the game in the first place was because of YouTuber MunchingOrange’s Let’s Play of the game, which got me interested. When I eventually got and played the game for myself, I was glad I went in partially blind. One experience I wanted to tell you, the reader, about, is my personal favorite Yo-kai in the game.


So, I heard that if you type in “Thank you” at a certain area, you would get a 5-star Yo-kai Medal that you could use to unlock a strong Yo-kai. I wasn’t aware of this at the beginning, so I didn’t break the game.

When I used the 5-star medal on the Crank-a-kai, I had gotten Frostina. Naturally, I loved her design instantly, due to it’s cute little hood and shy look. “Aw…” is probably what I said out loud. I nicknamed it “Rosalina” after Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy because A. She and Frostina have a blue color scheme, and B. They are both freaking adorable, and C. Their names are similar sounding at the end. Ever since, I had her on my team.

She was a bit of a glass cannon, where she could only take 1-4 hits before she was done for.  But, she still had her uses on my team at the time. (For some idiot reason, I didn’t get Thornyan. That means one, stupid thing. I kept Jibanyan on my team for nearly the entire game!) With her spirit attacks and decent Soultimate. I kept her on my team for the rest of the game.

Later on, I heard she had an evolution named Blizzaria. But I had to do a sidequest in order to get the item necessary for her to get it.  So, I did the sidequest, and got Blizzaria. Because her design reminded me a little bit of Melia from Xenoblade Chronicles I re-nicknamed her from “Rosalina” to “Melia” and I had her on my team ever since.

Also worth mentioning about Frostina and Blizzaria is that both of them are based off of the Yuki-onna of Japanese myth. Essentially what a Yuki-onna is, it’s a ice-elemental Youkai that takes a form of a young lady. It’s said that they can freeze a whole house over just because they can. Welp, mythological deities and creatures sure hate humans.

Well, that’s my Yo-kai in the game. Um… *I can’t come up with a good conclusion to the article* See you next time!


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