Thoughts on Dragon Quest VIII (3DS Edition)

JRPGs! I love JRPGs. …If that isn’t obvious enough. I also like underrated games! Or games that were once considered underrated but then became popular following an influx of newcomers. On underrated games, how about underrated game series? Totally different, I know.

Let’s talk about Final Fantasy‘s widely-known yet rarely-talked about cousin series, Dragon Quest. Once known as Dragon Warrior in the west, this series is one of the most important RPGs, being the origin of many tropes in the genre. First enemy being a slime, high fantasy settings, cryptic puzzles… Actually, old-school games in general loved that. Especially if they were some form of point-and-clicker.

Dragon Quest is MASSIVE in Japan, with the critical acclaim Dragon Quest XI (most recent entry) has received. But here in America… It’s pretty niche. When you talk to RPG fans over here, you often hear them talk about other RPG series, and just ignore Dragon Quest. Which is a shame, since they’re a genuinely solid series of RPGs. Even though…

I’ve only played two games in the series. Dragon Quest IX and the one I’m talking about today (and the most well-known to Europeans and North Americans), Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, or just Dragon Quest: Journey of the Cursed King if you’re European. Or if you’re Japanese, then you have Dragon Quest VIII: Sora to Umi to Daichi to Norowareshi Himegimi. Enough with the title nonsense, let’s actually get to the game.

British accents the game

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