Why I Love Kirby

Y’know what’s weird?

The fact that one of the strongest Nintendo characters is an adorable pink puffball. …Actually, considering Nintendo’s track record of cute-yet-cool characters, it really isn’t a surprise that one of their strongest is said pink puffball.

So, let’s gush about Masahiro Sakurai’s creation before Smash Brothers– Kirby!

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Kirby is a series of 2D platformers geared towards newcomers to gaming. It focuses on the adventures of Kirby, a small blob-thing living on Planet Popstar in the small land of Dreamland. In the beginning, he had mainly fought against his nemesis, the self-proclaimed king of Dreamland, King Dedede… But they’re on much better terms now. Recently, Kirby’s going on more adventures to not just save Dreamland, but the world!

The main draw?


Seriously, THE GOOMBAS OF THE FRANCHISE ARE LITERALLY JUST THESE CUTE ORANGE WADDLE DEES! And one of them is playable as of Return to Dreamland! Just look at him he seriously has a spear helicopter move that shouldn’t be logical but rule of cool applies.

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These games are just full of charm. From the cute characters and the colorful graphic styles, this series will pull you in and never let you go. And while most of the games share a similar artstyle, certain games such as Kirby’s Dreamland 3 and Kirby’s Epic Yarn have a unique look to them, with the former looking like a child’s drawing and the latter being made of stitching and patching. …You can’t get any better with that.

Also it’s adorable end of story. (Well, no.)

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