Thoughts on Deemo


Starring: Cinnamon Roll, I am a Shadow the True Self, Kitty, and Pianos. Lots and lots of pianos.

Warning: I will actually spoil Deemo‘s ending, since I wanted to also discuss the story of this game.

The Mobile game industry is infamous around the gaming community for rarely having good games. Most games that end up popular are just cheap cash-grabs at best or horrifying bootlegs at worst. However, this doesn’t mean the mobile industry is entirely bad. It simply follows Sturgeon’s Law: 90% of anything is crap. The other 10% is gold. Except it seems to follow 99% of anything is crap, the other 1% is gold.

I could list a few games that I feel are a lot better at being good games rather than cheap cashgrabs. Fire Emblem Heroes (which I feel does “Free to play” well), Mystic Messenger (which is actually an awesome visual novel with a unique idea), and the one I’m talking about today, Deemo.

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