Thoughts on “Project DIVA F2nd”

I have quite the liking of Vocaloid. For those unaware, Vocaloid is a “Voice-synthesizer” computer program that has gained a surprising following in America, Korea, and Japan, mainly for the cute designs of the characters and the surprising quality their voices can have if used right. It is where Hatsune Miku, a character commonly seen on the internet, originates from.

So, once I heard they had a series of rhythm games, called Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA I was instantly interested. Unfortunately, I then found out it was Japan-exclusive…

Until Project DIVA F was localized. Then it turned out it was for the Playstation 3, which, at the time, I didn’t have. I played Mirai, the spin-off on the 3DS. So then I got a Playstation 3, and I got Project DIVA F2nd, the sequel of F. How was it?

It was a fun game. Project DIVA F2nd is my personal favorite rhythm game (at the moment). So, what makes this game so good? Let’s find out.

Project DIVA F2nd doesn’t really have any story. Then again, it’s a rhythm game, so story isn’t exactly a highlight here. Instead, the focus is on the music and levels. Project DIVA F2nd is simple with its tutorial. Basically, when one symbol appears on the screen, press a button or flick the control stick. Not anything special for a rhythm game, but it’s quite addicting.

It’s easy to clear all the songs on easy mode in Project DIVA F2nd. However, Normal, Hard, and Extreme all have a larger challenge, even to the point where I still can’t get beyond the Standard rank on certain songs! Not only that, but the game has multiple rewards for clearing levels with a higher score, mostly being costumes you can buy for the characters in the in-game store.

And when these songs get difficult they can get DIFFICULT. Especially on the Hard and Extreme difficulties. I have only cleared one song on Extreme, that being Thousand-Year Solo. The others? Oh boy… When attempting to 100% this game, prepare to sink many, many hours into perfecting every song.

Let’s talk about my favorite aspect of this game! The music. This is a Rhythm Game after all, so of course it must have a load of memorable tunes! This holds true in Project DIVA F2nd. Now, most would expect a majority of the soundtrack to be pop music, right? Despite there being quite a few pop songs, prepare to be surprised. This game has a surprising variety of music, such as…

Yeah. Even though there are still pop songs, they are actually quite good. Though I prefer the songs I just listed up above. However, that’s not the only reason I love the music in this game.

Some songs are surprisingly dark, and even touch upon subjects such as death. Heck, even one song had to get its English lyrics cut out, just because of what they say! While there is still the cliche love song here and there, the songs that have darker lyrics tend to be the ones I remember more.

I could make a whole entire post on this topic, but that’ll wait for later.

There are other gameplay features Project DIVAF2nd has, but I haven’t really played much of them. All I have to say is: Vocaloid already did face-rubbing before Fire Emblem did. It’s another weird Japanese thing. Deal with it.

All-in-all, I found Project DIVA Fnd to be an addicting and fun rhythm game, with a grand variety of music and fun gameplay, it’s no wonder this game introduced many to Vocaloid.


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