Let’s Watch Yuri on Ice: Episode 2

Or: Super Yuri Brothers!

Last time, on this series of blogs, I watched the first episode of Yuri on Ice!!!, and was kind of impressed. Though, it proves I know absolutely nothing about competitive skating! I also met literally me our main character, Yuri, who lost on the first episode! And then he was greeted by his new Coach, Victor, who A. is a famous skater, and  B. has a trillion fangirls (which is expected for this kind of show). IN A HOT SPRING. I also met another Yuri, who I’m calling Gladion for convenience, because other Yuri looks like him.

This time…

  • Is it just me, or did the Opening change? Animation-wise, anyway.
  • A rumor that Victor’s Yuri’s coach? Silly Minako, he’s already his coach!
  • Aw, Victor’s using the dog as his stuffed animal… While sleeping on the Inn floor. You can’t just sleep anywhere, silly!

Meanwhile, in MUZZAH RUSSIA….

  • Gladion found out Victor went to Japan to coach the other Yuri! It’s super effective! Gladion’s mad!
  • An old man’s mad!
  • Unamused skater lady, can she have more screentime?
  • And now’s Gladion’s on his mad-dash to Japan. Have fun, kid.

Back to Japanland…

  • Victor likes Pork Cutlets. So much so he shouts some Russian word I don’t know out loud.
  • I’m actually surprised he sometimes speaks English. He’s Russian, so I expected him to speak Russian more often. Now I’m wondering if that’s a required language in Russia…
  • Wow, Victor, that’s a lot of boxes.
  • Geez, Victor, you really like being quite close to your students, eh? And by that, I mean, you clearly have an… Affection, to Yuri.
  • “Trust in our relationship”… I know exactly what you mean, sir!
  • And Yuri reacts just the way I would!
  • “What? Why are you running away?” Oh come on, everyone could see the subtext in that scene, Victor!
  • Haha! Embarrassed to admit you’re a fan of Victor, huh, Yuri?
  • Is ballet a necessity in Ice Skating? I can see why, I’m just wondering.
  • Victor is such a goofball. I’m actually surprised he’s like this, since I was expecting a more mentor-comically serious character.
  • “Really? Ninja?” Victor’s voice actor did a good job on that line. He really sounded English there for a second!
  • Lesson Learned: Become famous, set all accounts to “Private”.
  • Have fun with all the new guests, guys!
  • And here’s our friend, Gladion. He likes Tigers.
  • Well, he’still mad.
  • And then he sees Victor. Have fun, kiddo.
  • Rivalry! Tension! 15-year old angry kid berating 23-year old man! ANIME OF THE YEAR.
  • Isn’t Gladion/the other Yuri kind of overreacting to Victor coaching someone else? I mean, I don’t blame him, since Gladion’s been coached by him for quite a while now.
  • A skating competition! Why not?
  • Well… Eros and Agape, eh? An interesting theme choice of “Unconditional love”.
  • “I don’t like this music.” “Okay. Skate to this piece anyway!”- Victor’s logic.
  • Well, kiddos, The World Ends with You. Have fun.

This was a very funny episode. Though I’m not too hyped up yet, I certainly like these characters so far. Victor’s personality was certainly unexpected, especially to me. After all, I really was expecting him to be cold, distant, and generally more mentor-like, rather than a total goofball. Overall, I’m actually kind of excited for the next episode. See you guys then!


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