Let’s Watch Yuri on Ice: Episode 1

Or, Get Glad(ion), Folks.

It’s time to start.

  • I’m quite surprised that the Opening is in English. Quite well-done English, at that.
  • Here’s our main character, me I mean Yuri, the most socially-awkward Anime protagonist I’ve ever seen.
  • Meet Victor, a Russian figure skater. And every fangirls current Husbando.
  • How is our protagonist Yuri introduced? Why, he’s lost a National Skating Competition he’d spent five years preparing for! …I’m quite surprised it didn’t open with him winning a competition.
  • Why does his Coach guy look like Van Grants.
  • And Yuri’s in the bathroom, crying about his loss. Dude, it’s just a game… Shown on national television… That you spent five years preparing for… And your pressure caught up on you… Okay, maybe I do feel bad for Yuri.
  • Well, I can certainly understand the feeling of disappointing your parents and superiors.
  • Pressure is not fun. At all.
  • Oh, hey, it’s another Yuri! …And he looks like Gladion. To avoid confusion, I’m going to call the other Yuri “Gladion” for convenience.
  • Wow, Gladion, you’re a very nice person. (Sarcasm)
  • Poor Yuri.
  • Wait, Yuri’s an Anime protagonist that actually has weight problems relating to his eating habits? I must praise that.
  • It’s a more realistic take on this trope. Kudos.
  • The friendship between Yuri and Yuko is actually adorable. They both shared the same interests, and they both get along because of that. Kudos for pulling that trope well.
  • Cue Skating Sequence.
  • (After the Skating Sequence…)
  • ARE HALF OF THESE MOVES EVEN HUMANLY POSSIBLE? ………….. I really underestimated skating.
  • And then kids recorded that and put it all over the net.
  • Have fun, Yuri.
  • Oh, and your new Coach is that Victor guy I mentioned earlier. He’s introduced in a Hot Spring.
  • Have fun, Yuri, have fun.

Overall, that was a decent first episode. I’m not hooked, but I’m impressed. Yuri seems to be a good protagonist for a show like this. See you guys next time.


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