Thoughts on Pokemon Moon

The Pokemon series is one of my personal favorites, as mentioned before. With over 700 and counting creatures to collect, a fun and strategic battle system, and a charming universe, it makes sense why I love it so much!

So, since there’s a new game, I decided to write about it.

What are my thoughts on Pokemon Moon? This isn’t really a review, just me gushing about this game in all of it’s glory. BECAUSE HOLY S**T IS IT A GOOD GAME.

Well, let’s get started on my (Very minimal) complaints about Pokemon Moon. It’s intro takes a little while, and the more story-focused main game may bother some people, especially those who prefer to play Pokemon games for the gameplay.

Some of the new Pokemon and Alolan Formes introduced may bother some too, with some odd designs here and there, especially Alolan Dugtrio and Alolan Persian.

Plus, the framerate drops on older 3DS models during certain situations, such as Double Battles and the newly-introduced S.O.S battles, which also bother me for making some random encounters take longer than usual.

But otherwise… There’s not much I can complain about.

Onto the positives!

Pokemon Sun and Moon may rival Generation 5 for the best main story in a Pokemon game. Unlike X and Y, whose characters were on the more forgettable side, Pokemon Sun and Moon‘s characters are much more fleshed out in comparison. While Shauna was a bland “Picked the Weak Starter” friendly Rival, Hau is much more fleshed out, spending much more time in the narrative.

Professor Kukui may be my new favorite Professor in the whole game series. He’s so enthusiastic about the Alola region, and he’s like that one really cool teacher almost everyone in school. (There’s another spoiler-tastic reason for why I like him, but I’m trying to keep this spoiler-free.)

Lillie is now my favorite character in the franchise. Seriously she’s adorable and she goes through so much that I wanted to give her a hug from beyond the screen… Sorry, I’m gushing way too much about her! She’s just an awesome character and I’ll leave it at that.

Speaking of new Pokemon, I overall really like this roster. The starters are some of my favorites, and the Bounsweet line may have just become my favorite grass type. Type: Null and Silvally are amazing, and the Legendaries are some of my favorites as well. Honorable mentions go to the Ultra Beasts, mysterious beings from another dimension that pose a threat to Alola. The character designers absolutely NAILED their “Otherworldly” part of their designs.

The complete removal of the HM system was much, much needed. How many players here have had to keep an “HM Slave” just for getting through the game? Instead, we’ve got the Poke-Rides as replacement, which is the most convenient feature this generation introduced. Basically, it allows your character to summon a helper-Pokemon to clear obstacles and go through terrain faster without needing to waste a precious move slot on your party.

On the Alola region, I was originally skeptical about it, because of it’s basis on Hawaii, a state that, in most works I’ve seen, has been flanderized to “That one island-state in the middle of the Ocean everyone wants to go to”. Surprisingly, I was wrong! Alola is a region full of life and depth, just like Hawaii in real life. And I was also surprised at the variety of places Alola has. From a large snowy mountain, to a Chinese-inspired town, to a canyon, to a vibrant city, and an empty-feeling lake.

Gone are the gyms seen in the past five regions, in their place are Island Trials and Trial Captains. Unlike gyms, which are normally giant puzzles with lots of battles scattered through them, Trials bring a bit more variety to the table. From gathering ingredients, to spotting the differences of two dances, and even taking pictures of Ghost-type Pokemon! While the trial’s tasks can be on the easy side, it doesn’t compare to what awaits at the end of them.

At the end of a trial, there is a Totem Pokemon, a powered-up Pokemon that can easily defeat your team, if you aren’t prepared. This really spices things up to me, and some Totem battles can easily get hectic, especially two certain ones.

Oh and did I forget that Trainer Customization is back, BABY! (It’s pretty obvious I love this feature)


Overall, I feel that Pokemon Sun and Moon are some of the best games-if not the one of the best- games on the 3DS lineup. The story is well-done, HMs are removed, and I just love these games to death.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Pokemon Moon

  1. I agree with your take on the game.

    I love Alola, I think the plot is pretty solid even if some of the writing bothers me (did Team Skull really have to be a bunch of annoying pseudo-gangsters?), the removal of HMs is awesome, and the Trials are an awesome change of pace. I also share many of your complaints: how terrible the battle framerate is when the game is played on a regular DS, the constant interruptions, and some downright bad Pokémon designs. I will also add the extreme hand-holding (was the constant goal marker on the map really necessary?) and the constant road blocks that always leave you with only one path to follow (where is the exploration?). I know the latter is sort of a Pokémon staple, but not only did I feel it was more intense this time around, the series also needs to move past those restrictions eventually, right?

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