Creepy Moments in Non-Horror Games

It’s that spooky month, October! Yep, the time of the year where TV specials are played, we stay up late watching cheesy horror films, eat candy, and play games of the horror genre.

But, let’s NOT talk about horror games, and instead talk about games with very creepy or scary moments. Here are the rules.

  1. No moments from cutesy horror games such as IbDreaming Mary, or actual horror games, such as Silent Hill or the earlier installments of the Resident Evil series.
  2. This is a list of moments, so this includes boss battles, levels, enemies, or, as the title says, moments hard-to-find or required alike.
  3. Feel free to mention some moments in non-horror games you find creepy in the comments! 🙂
  4. And if there’s a moment that involves a spoiler, I’ll put this: WARNING! WARNING! SPOILER ALERT FOR (Insert Game Here)! Be sure to skip this part of the post OR read it if you don’t mind or have already played this game in particular. Before it.

So, with that in mind, let’s begin.

The Sunken Ship (Okami)

Normally, ships are associated with treasure, the ocean, and pirates. This place, however, isn’t really. The Sunken Ship is a dungeon in Okami where Amaterasu (Issun, and another character, Rao) venture to find the Fox Rods, an item Rao is searching for. The history of the ship is that it was once a trading ship that was heading back, but the Water Dragon, a dragon that had recently gone rouge, wrecked it to bits. Now the ship is haunted by the ghosts of it’s passengers, a freaky hand-seaweed creature, mimics, and… the ghosts of the Spider Queen and Crimson Something-Or-Other?!



This dungeon is very unsettling, with creepy music to boot. The sunken ship doesn’t help either, with it’s old, torn down wood, seaweed hand, and the fact that right afterwards, you get chased by the Water Dragon himself! Overall, this is one of Okami‘s creepiest dungeons, even if it has no boss battle at the end of it.

That Stupid Piano (Mario 64 and Mario 64 DS)

So, imagine this: You’re a little kid who just bought a Nintendo 64, the console that revolutionized the concept of games with three-dimensions and 3D models. Now, you’ve been playing the game for days, and you just found this creepy haunted-house themed level! But really, it’s not that bad-

Hey! Look, a piano! Don’t you just love pianos? They’re a really cool instrument that’s really good for nearly every genre of music in any key! Let’s approach it…



We all know and love this piano. It’s the source of a lot of childhood fears, especially those who have played Super Mario 64 as a child. The reason why is that this piano looks very uninteresting before it tries to chomp on you. It looks like a small decoration in a mostly uneventful room. And then you get close to it, causing it to freak out and smash it’s piano keys accordingly, traumatizing many for life.

The Secret Bad End (Mystic Messenger)

WARNING! WARNING! SPOILER ALERT FOR MYSTIC MESSENGERBe sure to skip this part of the post OR read it if you don’t mind or have already played this game in particular.


The guy in the back center is actually a girl. I find it funny that the advertising seems to ignore this.

For those who don’t know, Mystic Messenger is a Visual Novel app created by the south Korean company Cheritz. Despite being a Visual Novel game, a game often associated with overly pretty boys, fan-service, Ace Attorney, and shoddily written storylines, Mystic Messenger has a surprisingly good story with enjoyable characters to boot. Also it has a really catchy opening theme.

But, despite it’s Visual Novel routes, this doesn’t mean this game can be creepy. And as it’s a Visual Novel, it has a lot of dialogue, and choices made by you, the player. Of course, some of these choices lead to bad endings. Some can make you cry, and some can make you shudder. Case in point, there’s actually a bad ending you can access from the get-go!

In the intro of the game, you speak with Unknown, a person whose identity is kept a secret, unless you go for 707’s (The red-haired guy with the glasses) route, which has to be unlocked along with Jumin’s (The black haired young man) route with 80 hourglasses… Which cost either in-game currency or money. Thankfully, hourglasses are just meant to take a peek at bonus features of the game, and are actually pretty cheap.

So, back onto the bad ending. While chatting with Unknown, he sends you to this place. Choose the options that basically say “I don’t see a door”, and see what happens.

HOLY DISTORTED VOICES LEAVE ME ALONE. You encounter Unknown himself, who then probably kidnaps you. It doesn’t help that Unknown has a very, very distorted voice in this scene. If you played this game and got this ending first, I can only imagine how many nightmares you had that evening.

The Final Boss of Earthbound (Earthbound)

WARNING! WARNING! SPOILER ALERT FOR EARTHBOUND! Be sure to skip this part of the post OR read it if you don’t mind or have already played this game in particular.

The infamous and most well-known creepy moment in this list, here’s Giygas!


Where do I start? First of all, look at him, just look at him. I have no words on how to describe this… THING. What’s even worse is his battle theme, which I don’t even think I can qualify as a theme! It’s a bunch of distorted sounds mixed with weird beeping. It’s like this thing was designed for the Silent Hill series, not a happy-go-lucky-RPG!

And then there’s what he says during his battle. He repeats the main character’s name. “NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS…”. Sure, if you name Ness something stupid, such as Pie, it isn’t as bad, but it’s still unnerving. Heck, he’s unkillable! You have to rely on Paula’s ability, Pray, just to win this fight! Yes, you have to use that one ability I bet not many people used, just to win.

What else can I say?

Oh, and then there’s what happens when you beat him. The melodies play once more, and Giygas freaks out. Once again, I just can’t describe this guy in words.

Honorable Moments

Now here’s a list of things that I find creepy as well.

  • 02 and Zero from the Kirby series.
  • That freaking moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.
  • Any creepy Pokedex entry from Pokemon.
  • Giratina from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.
  • The True Lab from Undertale.
  • Manfred von Karma’s psychotic smirk from Ace Attorney.

And that’s about it. We all have those moments from gaming that creep us out, so I encourage you to leave a list of your own! With that said, see you again sometime!

10 thoughts on “Creepy Moments in Non-Horror Games

  1. That piano from Super Mario 64 has given me bigger jumpscares than anything in Resident Evil. I can’t believe there’s something that scary. I was also quite scared of the well and Shadow Temple in Ocarina of Time. And those Redeads…. I’m shuddering…. The Moon is also scary, and that entire game is a bit creepy, which you covered at the end. And 02/Zero, I can’t believe that’s in Kirby!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yeah, Majora’s Mask in general is a creepy game. Though I’m quite annoyed it’s considered creepy for the creepypasta made about it, since there are so many other elements of Majora’s Mask that are creepy, other than the Elegy of Emptiness statues.
      Those redeads in Ocarina of Time are THE WORST. Remember Dead Hand from the Bottom of the Well? That’s some pretty scary stuff too. My question is, “How did Ocarina of Time get rated E in the first place?!”. The ones from Wind Waker are freaky too.
      I would’ve included nearly every final boss in Kirby (Not counting Dedede, Dark Crafter, and some of the earliest Kirby games), but I felt that’d be a bit overkill. Besides, the final bosses of Return to Dreamland, Triple Deluxe, and Planet Robobot’s final bosses were on the “Awesome” side of the spectrum, not counting Sectonia and Star Dream’s descriptions.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great article! Love it.
    Btw, I picked up on the assistant being female in MysticMessenger in earlier conversations in the app game too, but I wasn’t sure if it wasn’t a typo! So, it isn’t huh?
    Creepy moments, hmmm. What comes to mind is some of the persona in any persons game. Remember the tiger with a ball and chain? For some reason he creeps me out, partly because I’m so sorry for the tiger, haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Persona is a game series with really creepy moments as well. I find it pretty cool that you found a creepy moment in a persona rather than the main game itself, since the plot of Persona 4 revolves around these brutal murders and all. Speaking of Mystic Messenger, I was surprised to find out the assistant is a woman too. I still find it funny that the trailers seems to ignore this.


      • You’re right on both accounts. Persona is a bit brutal from time to time. It’s so over the top that it’s clear that it’s fiction. And then this very recognizable beast!
        Yes, strange that Cheritz glosses over that!

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  3. One of the most creepy video game moments I’ve experienced is, quite appropriately, not from a horror game. It’s from Undertale.


    So, I try to finish Undertale at midnight, and I was sparing Asgore, when suddenly BOOM, he’s dead and Flowey appears, taking the six souls. That’s not the creepy part. The creepy part comes in when the game suddenly closes. I was confused, thinking that the game might crash or something. Then I re-open the game, and then the game’s intro glitches, cutting to Flowey’s save file. By then I was really creeped out (I often find glitches scary), and THEN the abomination that is Photoshop Flowey shows up. The look of Photoshop Flowey… doesn’t feel right compared to the rest of the game’s 8-bit style. It’s just… really wrong.

    Then I got killed by him and the game over screen is ALSO hijacked by the soulless flower, filling up the screen with “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”s. I couldn’t sleep that night and I didn’t resume the game until at least two days later.

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