Why do People Love Rosalina so Much?

The Mario series is a series I have mixed opinions on. You see, I’ve enjoyed his RPG spinoffs (Not including Sticker Star, since no one really liked that game), and the Luigi’s Mansion series, but his main games never really interested me. And I love an occasional round of Mario Kart!

But there is one main series Mario game that’s considered to be one of the best-


Super Mario Galaxy.

This game marks the debut of a fan-favorite…

Best Mario Character

Rosalina, mother of the Lumas.

But why do fans love her so much? Let’s find out!

First, there’s her role in the story. Well, the semi-excuse plot of Super Mario Galaxy, anyway. As we all know, Princess Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser, who’s even more powerful than ever, so much so that he launches Mario into space. Mario lands on a small planet, and this is where he meets Rosalina, a goddess-like lady who protects the Lumas, a star-like creature that’s CUTE AS HECK.

She takes Mario to the Comet Observatory, her personal cool Spaceship and home. She explains that Bowser stole Observatory’s power source to fuel his army to, of course, (Other than kidnapping Peach AGAIN), FREAKING DESTROY THE WORLD TO REBUILD IT AS HIS OWN. That’s a huge problem, as we all know.

So, what makes her a fan favorite? For one, SHE’S ACTUALLY USEFUL (Prior to Peach becoming playable in Super Mario 3D World.) She’s essentially the Big Good of the story, wanting to prevent the universe from ending and running the Comet Observatory, the main hub for the game.

But where did she get her title of “Mother of the Lumas” exactly? And why is she seemingly immortal? This is all explained in the Storybook.

The Storybook Rosalina reads tells the story of a little girl who one day meets a Luma, who says he’s searching for his “Mama”. The little girl was stragazing at the time, so she cam up with an idea; use the telescope to look for the Luma’s mama. The Luma and the Little Girl searched for what seemed like years, but they couldn’t find her at all.

The Little Girl, growing tired of this, came up with the idea to build a spaceship to travel with the Luma to find his Mama. They both build a small, slightly rusty, spaceship to set off to find this “Mama”.

To say the least, these first few chapters of the storybook are adorable. If you’ve read the story, The Little Prince, it may remind you of it. But as the Storybook goes on…

It becomes as depressing as Mother 3‘s intro. Near the ending,  The Little Girl looks through the telescope to see what’s presumed to be her home planet- Earth (Or the Mario Equivalent.). She spots a tree, and she recognizes it as the place she stargazed long ago, the place she would go stargazing with her own father, go sledding with her brother, and having picnics with her mother…

This is when The Little Girl bursts into tears, wanting to go home. Then she says this:

“I want to go home! I want to go back to my house by the hill! I want to see my mother! But I know she’s not there! I knew all along she wasn’t out there in the sky! Because… because… She’s sleeping under the tree on the hill!”

By this point, I cried. It’s heavily, HEAVILY, implied that The Little Girl’s mother died. Yeah, this plot point of a character close to another dying has been done before in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, but it hasn’t been done in one of the main series Mario games by that point in time.

But what does this have to do with Rosalina? Y’know The Little Girl? That’s Rosalina when she was a little girl. Because of the Lumas she met, she essentially became their mother-figure to them.

This is why Rosalina’s a fan-favorite. She’s useful, she’s deep, and lastly, her backstory is one of the most tear-jerking things I’ve seen in a video game. This is also why she’s playable in many Mario spinoffs and crossovers such as Super Smash Brother For Wii U and 3DS. She rose up the ranks in fan-favorites that she became playable in many games.

We’ll never forget the storybook that made so many gamers (Such as myself) cry. Thank you, Rosalina, for being my favorite Mario character (Besides Luigi.)

If you didn’t see the Storybook yet, it’s not that long, thankfully. Here’s a video of all the Storybook segments.

As for the next review, I’ll drop my final hint: The main plot of the game is about the internet. But it isn’t the one we know so well.

See you all next time!


3 thoughts on “Why do People Love Rosalina so Much?

  1. That storybook in Super Mario Galaxy is a pretty cool element that is often overlooked. It was nice of Nintendo to give depth to a character – something that had never been done to anyone in a main Mario game – and to leave it as a totally optional part of the experience.

    The backstory of Rosalina is one of the many elements that make Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel so magical.

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  2. As I written before, I don’t like Mario games either, just the RPG ones. So I didn’t even know Rosalina is a fan favorite. But your background story sure got me interested. You see, Peach annoys me a bit, because she always needs to be rescued. Doesn’t sit well with my emancipated soul. Rosalina sounds much more interesting indeed!

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