In Case if You’re Wondering How My Japan Trip Went…

It went well! Even though they have a bunch of games that aren’t out in the U.S (Like Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice and Yo-kai Watch 3!). I’m forever jealous!

As for landmarks I visited, I visited Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Osaka.


When people said this was the biggest city in the world, they weren’t kidding! You can’t go anywhere without seeing some building or person. And y’know, it’s a pretty city. Sadly, I never visited the Akihibara district. I did indeed pass by it momentarily, however, and they had a poster for Love-Live! On the Sega Club store, and an advertisement for Dangan Ronpa 3 (The anime, not the game. That would be Dangan Ronpa V3.).

I visited the Imperial Palace. It was really pretty, and surprisingly, in it’s moats, had swans. I asked the tour-guide about this, and she answered that they were a gift from Austria! Sadly, the Imperial Garden was closed that day, so I couldn’t visit that.

There was also my visit to Shibuya! It’s known for having the Shibuya 109 building and the Hachiko statue. For those who don’t know, there’s a bit of a sad story about the Hachiko statue. Hachiko was a dog owned by a college professor in the 1920’s. Every day, she would visit the train station for her owner. However, one day, the professor died due to a heart attack during a class. But the dog kept going to that same spot at the train station ten years before her death.


Kyoto is Japan’s most important landmark history-wise, since it was Japan’s capital before they moved it to Tokyo. It’s a very traditional city, and it’s common to see Shinto and Buddhist temples there. Though I saw more Shinto temples than Buddhist temples. And speaking of landmarks, the Golden Pavilion.

It was really beautiful, to say the least. Much more so if you see it in person. Whoever built it must really like stairs, since there was one near the end of the trail. Yep, quite a bit of steps. Didn’t help that I visited a temple with a total of 99 a few days later!


We all know what happened to it a long time ago. It was nuked by the U.S to end WWII, ending loads of civilians lives in the process. I visited a museum exhibit about the tragic event. Call me a sensitive person, but I cried. I know what Japan did during WWII was pretty bad, but was destroying millions of innocent people’s lives needed? ‘Till this day, events like this are why I dislike war so much.


I only visited this place for one day, and what a place it is! For one, the weather was REALLY HOT AND HUMID. But otherwise, I found a Japan-only guide for Dragon Quest 9! Dang it Japan, you got the guide that could’ve really helped me, especially that STUPID GORESPY PURRVIS- okay, enough of my hatred for that freaking cat.

There was Sky Tower, a really tall tower. It was so tall you could see all of Osaka. Unbelievable that this was the same day I went on the plane home.

Still recovering from the jet lag between Japan and ‘Murica, but I’ll be fine! It’s honestly a bit hard to sleep, with the jet lag. Ugh, getting slightly more tired by the minute. Welp, good night everyone!


5 thoughts on “In Case if You’re Wondering How My Japan Trip Went…

  1. What an experience! You’re mentioning places I’ve seen mentioned in games too, so cool. Did you see a difference in 3DS use, in that there are many more Streetpasses then over here?

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  2. What a coincidence. I am currently watching Danganronpa 3 (and playing the new game too.)

    Going abroad can be painful with respect to games. Year ago, when I journeyed to America, I saw a copy of the latest Disgaea game, which had yet to come out in Europe. Sadly I couldn’t buy it because of region locking.

    That dog story is so touching. Guess that is what that Futurama episode was based on.

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