Revaryk Replays: Etrian Odyssey IV, Part 1

Alright, let’s get started with our adventure!

The game opens with the usual text intro. It’s mainly a weird poem that foreshadows some things we get onto later on. Fun fact, I used to think that these were lyrics to the game’s main menu theme. I know, silly of me, but I still find it a bit amusing.

Let’s start a new game! Unfortunately, this isn’t a game that has multiple save files. Now, Etrian Odyssey II‘s remake, The Fafnir Knight, has them. I’ve always disliked it when RPGs have only one save file to work with, since it’s very convenient and annoying. Want to replay a game! Too bad, you’ll have to part with your old save file! Isn’t this save file system AMAZING??

Anyways, now that I am starting a new game, we have two difficulty settings! Casual and Normal. But don’t pay attention to the difficulty names! They’re lying to you! This is an Atlus game, the same company behind such *Ahem* easy games such as…

The Persona series

Shin Megami Tensei

Actually, any game in their library can count. Their games are hard as nails, and the Etrian Odyssey series is no exception. If you want proof of how hard it can get, I’d like to represent to you, the Ur-Child from Etrian Odyssey II.


The End-Bringer himself!

Yes, you can use exploits to beat this big guy, but beating him without said exploits… is easier said than done. (It’s worth mentioning in The Fafnir Knight, it’s possible to kill this guy in three turns, by exploiting a certain ability your player character gets in story mode.)

Yeah, as I said, this game WILL give you trouble, no matter the difficulty you choose. Hey, this is made by Atlus, gods of that one boss. And since I suck at video games made by Atlus, I will be playing on casual.

Let’s get onto the opening, shall we?

The game opens with an introduction to the hub town of this game: Tharsis. It’s a town that lies a ways away from this huge tree called Yggdrasil (Bonus points if you get the reference to Norse myth they made there), which is plot-important in every game in the series.

Tharsis is a town that many explorers (That includes mr/ms. Insert name here) visit, hoping to solve the mystery behind Yggdrasil. So, naturally, you, an unnamed, faceless, blank-slate, who I will refer to as INH (Insert Name Here) from here on out. So, INH is going to the Explorer’s Guild to, well, form a guild of fellow adventurers with actual combat experience.

Of course, according to the guildmaster (No seriously, he’s never really referred to as anything else), we gotta name the Guild. And build a party. So, let’s do that, right now.

I named the Guild Sapphire because I thought of it randomly. I just like the name of it.

But now to the good part! Hiring people to join the Guild. This, being a JRPG, has classes. At the beginning of the game, you have a total of seven to have in your party. Let’s go over them, shall we?

Here’s my basic summary of them all:

Landsknecht: Swordsman/Woman, can also have party members attack with an element.

Nightseeker: Glass Debuffers. I almost never use these guys…


Sniper: Exactly as it says on the tin. Can bind (IE ban a certain skill type from an enemy for a few turns) enemies.

Medic: Exactly as it says on the tin. Your white mages.

Runemaster: Your black mage/squishy mage.

Dancer: Buffer.

So, out of the bunch, I will use…

Front Row:

A landsknecht. The portrait I used was the one with the bandanna and the ponytail. Sorry I can’t use any images, since there isn’t really many I could find. Since there’s not enough spaces for “Bandanna Waddle Dee”, I will call her Maya, after Maya Fey from Ace Attorney.

A fortress. I used a palette swap for the red-haired Fortress lady. I will call her Zelda, after, well, Princess Zelda from the Legend of Zelda series.

 A Dancer. I used one of the male ones, and I named him Montoya (Put “Inigo” in front of it, think about Fire Emblem Awakening for a moment, and now you get the joke).

Back Row:

A Runemaster. I named her Vivian after Vivian from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, since she’s my favorite out of the party members.

And a Sniper. I named him…. *Epic buildup* The legendary, the amazing….


Alright, I actually named him Bob. And this concludes my first part of Revaryk Replays: Etrian Odyssey IV. Next time, we’ll be accepting a mission and set out on the adventure!


One thought on “Revaryk Replays: Etrian Odyssey IV, Part 1

  1. Great, great game! I’m somewhere halfway through I think, love the map making. I wonder why not more people pick up this game. True, I would have like to see less stilted images, but it’s very good gameplay.
    Give my regards to Bob!

    Liked by 1 person

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