My Favorite Boss Battle in Undertale

Undertale. I have already reviewed this little indie game made by Toby Fox, and I genuinely think it’s an awesome and well-designed game. So, naturally, this game’s gotta have some good boss battles. We all have our personal preferences to which boss is our favorite, so, let’s talk about my favorite.

Gonna have to warn you, this boss in particular is a pretty major spoiler.

Also he’s horrifying.

He’ll give you nightmares.


My favorite boss in this quirky little game is…



The final boss of the neutral route, Photoshop/Omega/whatever Flowey! Alright, for the sake of convience, I’ll refer to sir. Giygas 2.0 here as Photoshop Flowey.

Flowey the EVVVIIILL Flower 2nd

Here’s Flowey when he’s not all-super-powered and creepy.

Let’s get started on who exactly Flowey is. Flowey is a talking flower. But not just any talking flower in a Sugar Bowl. It’s an EVIL talking flower. What Flowey does is that he poses as a friendly little guy, your best friend, one could say. And then he tries to kill you at the beginning of the game. Yeah, real nice friend there, right?

Then Toriel saves you. Yay!

But you’re not free from this evil little guy. If you take the time to backtrack through the areas this game has to offer, he’ll actually pop up and pop back down in the ground. Guess that means he’s STALKing you! (Wow, that was horrible!)

And it’s been shown he’s AWARE that you can go back and fix things. What do I mean by that? Well, it’s best shown in the tragic boss battle with Toriel.

If you kill Toriel, feel sorry, and shut the game off to load sometime before the battle so that you can spare her, Flowey will call you out for it.

When you get to the end of the game and fight the remorseful king of the Monsters, Asgore Dreemurr, as soon as you defeat him…

Flowey shows up and kills him. He then absorbs the six Human SOULS (The souls Asgore’s been keeping to break the barrier that keeps the Monsters trapped underground), and your game crashes. No seriously, that’s what actually happens.

When you reopen the game, you notice the intro is slightly different- OH GOD IT’S GLITCHING OUT!

Wait… Flowey…? 9999:99? WHAT?


At this point, Flowey has taken over your game. He is now a god, of sorts, and is ready to kill you over and over and over and over and over.

And that’s not a good thing! So, despite his threats, you continue onward and see Photoshop Flowey, the final boss you fight of the neutral route. He turns into that monstrosity and fights you. The battle is fast-paced, with Flowey’s bullets being hard to dodge, and later in the fight, he can reload save states to catch a hit he missed.

Oh, and if you die to him, the game over screen’s a bit different too. It starts out as the usual-

“This is all a bad dream…”


And he laughs at you. Laughs. Honestly, it’s pretty freaky.

Anyways, if you get far enough in the fight, the Human SOULS, because of being commanded by Flowey to do so, try to kill you. But call out for help, and they’ll hear your call. They’ll supply healing, and it helps, a lot.

By the end of the fight, Flowey no longer has the help of the Human SOULS, and he’s weak. Just wham on him and he’s down!  After a cutscene, you’re presented with a choice- Either spare him or kill him. And whatever action you choose marks the end of the fight.

What makes this battle so great is it’s buildup and excitement. Sure, Photoshop Flowey here is terrifying, but with so much going on, it makes it exciting. And it’s buildup? ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL. Flowey crashes your game, of all things. What other villains (Other than Scarecrow) do that? Not many.

This boss battle I feel is overshadowed by Flowey’s true true form, Asriel Dreemurr.

Flowey's TRUE FORM!

Sure, his boss battle is amazing at tugging at your heartstrings, but I felt it was a bit… easy. Plus, I actually don’t like Asriel as many others do. He’s adorable ‘n all, but for me, his actions were a bit off the slippery slope.

Sorry for my unpopular opinion…

Photoshop Flowey will go on as one of my favorite final bosses ever. The buildup is amazing, the battle is exciting (And terrifying), and overall, it’s an awesome boss battle.

So, who’s your favorite boss in Undertale? You can tell me in the comments!


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