There was a New Persona 5 Trailer Today!

YAHOO! First, the release date is confirmed to be… 9/15/16!? Atlus, you’re a company of brave fellows, truly. You’re releasing a game next to a highly-anticipated game! Man, this is some rivalry indeed.

Anyways, let’s talk about the content of the trailer. We get introduced to some new characters! And these girls and guys this time ’round. Wow.

There’s only one problem. We haven’t gotten any names for them yet! Then again, we do have a (Semi?) confirmed name for Inkling Girl. The red/orange-haired girl with glasses name is Fubata Sakura. First of all, I love her already. She looks like a huge dork (Like me) and face it, that’s awesome. Kinda dissapointed she’s a support-type character in the vein of Rise and Fukka, but hey, gotta have some support on your missions, right?

Next, we have MINAKO ARISATO ON A MOTORCYCLE! I know I’m probably the only person to say this, but the short-haired girl on the motorcycle, I think she looks a bit like the female main character in Persona 3 Portable. Much like Fubata Sakura, I love her already. She looks like a b****s, riding on that motorcycle.

And then there’s this British-like girl. I can’t say much about her, but she looks cool, I guess. I’m a fan of the British motifs. The classical thief literature nobody read thing, huh? (Sorry for saying that. When the personae for the main characters were revealed, I was a bit miffed that they were based off of classical literature rather than mythology. Literature isn’t exactly something I have the most interest in.)

One last thing I need to point out. Now that we’ve seen the official box-art, we can see what we can assume is the main party. But there’s one last guy on there, to the top-right. I don’t have any ideas on who he is at the momentum, but he’s likely a party member.

So yes, I’m excited for this game, like I always was!


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