Review: Undertale


Well this IS a post about Undertale, so of course is has some spoilers.

And if you want to play the game yourself, here, have a link to the official website.

Undertale is a video game that’s been getting quite the hype around the internet. But why, exactly? Well- let’s get started, shall we?

Undertale‘s story starts out fairly simplistic. A long time ago there was a war between the humans and the monsters, humans won (Duh, cause they’re normally the greatest race in RPGs.) and sealed them underground with a magical barrier. Fast forward to year 201X and a young child climbs up Mt. Ebott, the mountain the monsters ended up being sealed under. But then the child falls down a hole, past the barrier, into the world of monsters.

On the surface, it seems like a VERY simple story, like the ones you find on old NES games. To spoil very little here, it’s actually very well-written and clever, having loads of funny and emotional moments. It also breaks the fourth wall not just for humor, but also for drama and plot points. I won’t spoil anything, but this game gets pretty heavy. Especially if you go down a certain way.

As for looks, much like it’s story at first, Undertale’s graphic style is very simplistic. It’s one of those games that use sprites. It’s some pretty good sprite-work if you ask me, due to the level of expression certain characters show on portraits and the color pallets in certain environments .(Waterfall being my personal favorite!)

Now, let’s talk about combat. The game’s combat system has to be the most creative one I’ve seen. Think of it as Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door mixed with the bullet hell of the Touhou series. Add that with a pacifist run, and boom! You get Undertale‘s battle system.

The battles are turn-based, much like any traditional RPG. Here, you have four options: Fight, which is self-explanatory, Act, where you can interact with the monsters by seeing their stats, talking to them, or doing some weird act, like flirting. And finally, there’s Mercy, which contains two options: Flee or Spare.

“What’s the point of Act?” You ask? Well, it’s something for the Spare mechanic. It’s an alternative to killing monsters, where instead, you act a certain way to them and make them no longer want to fight you. However, this mechanic does have one drawback. If you don’t kill the enemies, you will still get gold, but you will not get EXP, which is needed to increase your LV.

During the monster’s turn, you take control of your SOUL, which is represented by a little red heart, to dodge their attacks, which are represented by all sorts of things. Fire, flies, bones, ice… the list goes on.

It’s a creative battle system because of the whole concept of it. There are not many games out there other than Undertale that allow you to spare the lives of your foes. And the bullet-hell adds to the challenge of the game as well.

Oh, and difficulty-wise, I’d say it’s very fair. It has it’s easy moments, but as you go on, Undertale can get pretty challenging. Certain bosses (WHO I AM NOT GOING TO SPOIL.) can take multiple tries to beat.

Another thing in the game worth noting is the characters. It has a very lovable and memorable cast, from the motherly Toriel, the evil flower Flowey, the lazy skeleton Sans and his COOL DUDE BROTHER, PAPYRUS, and the hot-blooded Undyne. Honestly, this is one piece of fiction where I can honestly say there’s not one character I hate with a burning passion or merely dislike. (Yeah, there’s one character from Fullmetal Alchemist I dislike, and that’s Envy.)


  • The soundtrack is the best soundtrack I’ve ever heard. No, seriously, take a small listen every once and then.
  • It’s also worth mentioning that if it gives you an Earthbound feel, it does have an Earthbound feel


So, in the end, Undertale is a game that I must say is popular for all the right reasons. With it’s great sense of humor, creative battle system, amazing story, brilliant cast of characters, and an amazing soundtrack composed by one guy, I give Undertale a 10/10.


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    • Well, some people are also reminded of Touhou. Though it’s really just due to the minor Bullet Hell mechanics. I’d say Undertale isn’t as difficult as Touhou, and is a good gateway into the world of Bullet Hell.

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