Vent: Those People on the Internet (This is NOT an April Fool’s joke.)

You know, the Internet, despite bringing many people together, still has its insane problems, just like real life. Heck, one could argue that it’s just like real life in the problems department.

But there’s one that sticks out to me.

Social Justice Warriors. (Or SJW for short.) Ever heard of these terms spoken by “That one guy” in one forum site? “Trigger”, “Neurotypical”, and “Offensive” are the ones I’m talking about. Chances are, you’ve just found an SJW. (Or a Troll.)

So, what’s the huge deal about them? Well, let’s start on what they are fighting for (And failing miserably.)

They fight for “Social Justice”, or, Equal Rights. Actually, the majority of these guys are making themselves look really stupid. Let’s start with how they affect other people on the Internet. Let’s start with, what I like to call, The Skinny Quartz incident.

It all started when a fan-artist on Tumblr drew a character from the popular cartoon, Steven Universe skinny, contrary as to what she looked like in the show, where she was fairly wide. This fan-art started getting bashed on by many other bloggers just due to the fact she drew the character skinny. Then, the bloggers started sending F*****G DEATH THREATS TO HER. And then, the artist attempted suicide. Thankfully, she lived, but the damage of the incident is still done.

And then there’s the fact they glorify mental disorders and obesity. I’m serious here. THEY GLORIFY THESE THINGS. Mental disorders aren’t a blessing. They are very serious issues that cause tragedy in many places. Schizophrenia being one example I want to point out. As many people know, the disorder causes one to see things, and thus, get very delusional. This is a very serious issue, as it could cause one’s attention to drop, and thus, have them doing badly in school. But then there are those people who brag “Look! I HAVE SCHIZOPHRENIA! LOOK HOW AWESOME I AM!” And dress up like gaudy idiots all day, drawing people towards them like a fly trap.

Same goes for obesity. Being “Fat” isn’t just a simple appearance. People with weight problems and body problems go through a lot. I know some people with diabetes, and it doesn’t sound “Glorious” or “Fun” at all. And saying that being obese is “Natural” and claim their b******t  around others is wrong. There are people out there who have suffered due to being obese. There are many, and they have stories of their own to tell.

And worst of all-

Many of them believe all men should die. Many of them think that White people are the reason the world went to s**t. Many of them believe that those who are “Cis” should die. Plenty of them believe that all people who like the opposite gender should die.

Many of them supposedly believe in “Equal Rights”.

You see how hypocritical this all is?

If you ask me, it’s obviously messed up. Personally, I believe in “Equal Rights” myself, but if you’re going to demand people to die for “Equal Rights” just for being one race, gender, or sexuality, then yes, you’re messed up in the head. That’s not “Equal Rights” or “Social Justice”. That’s Bigotry. The same thing all those “Evil” people practiced.

Ironic and hypocritical, isn’t it?


Ah, that’s enough for the day. Felt like venting out my annoyance here, as I usually do on this blog.


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