I Recently Played “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney”…

WARNING!  Spoilers for the second case of the game.

I was playing through the second case.

This is a very accurate record of it.

  • No, MIA FEY! Not ANOTHER character who dies early on… (Like someone from Fullmetal Alchemist.)
  • Poor Maya… having your sister die like that, and your mother’s life being ruined by this “White” guy.
  • Is it bad I’m imagining May with a valley-girl accent?
  • Hm… why did Maya’s attorney refuse to help? Something is wrong here.
  • That outburst she (May) did in court though… Geez lady, calm down and go back to reading Fifty Shades of Grey for the trillionth time.
  • Cue Edgeworth. You’re an a******e. Stop objecting to everything Phoenix says! (Yeah, I know he’s a fan favorite. Keep in mind, I’m still at the start of the game.)
  • No seriously, he’s literally Donald Trump+Shou Tucker. He’s a rich, lying, blackmailing scoundrel!
  • And Edgeworth ended up trying to get Phoenix in prison.
  • DAMN IT! There’s nothing I can do here.
  • Bye Donald Tucker Redd White. Man, guy deserved it.

Geez, this is, what, SECOND CASE IN THE GAME!? I WAS AN HOUR IN! Wow… I can only imagine the rest of the cases.

Here lies Redd White

“He was some rich a*****e.”



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