Storyshift: An AU I’d Like to Show to You, the Reader.

Undertale, a game I enjoy very much. It has a smart and emotional story, a good sense of humor, and lovable, memorable characters. But, today is not the day for a review, but rather, an AU (Alternate Universe) I have found called Storyshift.

So, fan fiction and AUs tend to get a bad rep for some people, due to the fact that:

A. A lot of them are wish fulfillment.

B. The fact that characters act out of character if not written well.

C. Quite a bit are written by teenage girls.

D. And well, say it with me- Mary Sue Original Characters and Self-Inserts. These come up, no matter what fandom you’re looking through.

But, not ALL fan-fiction and AUs are bad. If done right, they can be really good, like in the case of Storyshift.

So, what’s Storyshift‘s twist for the Undertale universe? It switches the places of the characters, much like another AU, Underswap. But, instead of switching the character’s personalities and places, Storyshift goes an extra mile and makes it so every character acts in-tune with their original counterparts.

The character shifts, at first, seem a little odd. Not to spoil anything about them, but the creator of this AU, Voltrathelively, comes up with some creative character shifts. (And some alternations to the story.)

But here’s the thing I love about this AU. It’s how in-character (About) everyone is. I say about, since two of the shifted characters only get five-fifty minutes of screen-time in the original game, and get much more development here.

I can’t say much else, since I REALLY don’t want to spoil anything.

But before reading the Storyshift AU, make sure you play Undertale first, since it’s best enjoyed knowing what goes down in UndertaleHere’s a link to the game’s official website.

If you want a link to the beginning of the AU, here you go.

Have fun reading Storyshift!


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