This YouTube Drama…

Woah… Um… First, badly-done Copyright strikes everywhere, then the Finebros try to copyright Reaction videos!? Oh geez…

Well, the thing more important to me is the whole reaction videos getting copyrighted by the FineBros thing. For those who have been living under a rock or just never paid any attention to the internet, the Finebros is a well-known YouTube account that mainly posts their uber-popular React series, where they present a random topic and show it to adults, teens, kids, other YouTubers, or Elders. These videos range from controversial to light-hearted fun.

Personally, I loved React a few years ago. It was actually the video series that introduced me to Vocaloid, which is a voice synthesizer with anime-styled personifications for each. Despite the audience-alienating concept (Loads of weeaboos claim music from them is instantly trillions times better than normal music and keep in mind, it’s made from technology, which can get a bad rep in music, considering the amount of idiots who abuse auto-tune.), the songs users make with these can be amazing-to-sad as heck. It also introduced  me to the entire concept of reacting to other videos. Thus, I found other channels that react to things, such as Etika World Network. (Who is one of my favorite channels to watch on YoutTube, personally.)

But now, for me, React no longer has my interest. They just posted react episodes of stuff I didn’t care about, didn’t like, or just found ridiculous. I never watched their videos that often anymore, nor pay any attention to them. I just moved on, watching random Let’s Plays, gameplay videos, y’know, things I like to watch on the internet.

But then, the Finebros announced that they would copyright the whole entirety of the reacting-to-a-video concept. My thoughts? WHAT THE HELL!? Finebros, you’re MUCH more reasonable than this.

Well, let’s compare this to some other, similar stories of a company trying to copyright a simple concept/or term. Let’s talk about the kings of pay-to-win, King.

*Sigh* I hate King. They created Candy Crush Saga. A.k.a- Pay-to-win, the game. So, what happens if many other puzzle games have the word “Saga” in them? Well, it probably went down like this:


“also, some other peoplez used candy.”


*War cries*

So, yes, they were seriously going to do that at some point. Horrible, isn’t it?

At another point, Sony actually tried to copyright Let’s Plays at some point as well. But thankfully, both of these companies never got away with it. If Let’s Plays got copyrighted, then the good ‘ol Runawayguys wouldn’t be on YouTube anymore! And that’s terrible.

History truly can repeat itself, apparently. I guess that’s what it’s like living in a world that never learns anything. Oh, geez…

If the Finebros copyright the entirety of the reacting-to-a-video concept, then Etika World Network, and many other YouTubers who simply post a reaction video could get a copyright strike, and thus, possibly get their channels terminated. All because two idiots thought it was a good idea to copyright one, random, video concept.

Ah, that was quite a bit, wasn’t it? Anyways, the good thing is, the Finebros are losing subs at an alarming rate, so perhaps, it’ll get to the point where they’ll quit it with this “Copyright React” thing.

Anyways, from idiots using Copyright strikes the wrong way, to this,  I feel like the Internet is becoming one huge Role Playing Game like Final Fantasy and Tales of Symphonia with one gigantic, complex, difficult, plot with no happy ending in sight. At this point, I wish I could reset this series of unfortunate events back a few years and change the current present so that this could never happen. And even so, I know that it’s just a dream that’ll never come true.

(Dang it, I made myself sound like a combination of Homura Akemi, Sans, Lucina, and Shulk.)

One thought on “This YouTube Drama…

  1. I remember thinking that YouTube’s policies were a bit sketchy back in 2007/2008 when they started banning random video game reviewers for little to no reason. It’s almost as if YouTube heard one of their users claim that their policies couldn’t get any worse and decided to take it as some sort of personal challenge.

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