Vent: Is Yo-kai Watch really a rip-off of Pokemon?

Ah, the monster collecting genre! A genre full of adventure, excitement, filler-episodes, and shenanigans. By far, the most famous and well-known example of this genre is Pokemon. Selling tons of merchandise and games, it obviously developed one of the most annoying and obnoxious fandoms in existence.

Every time some TV-show or game has a plot element or feature involving creature collecting, expect a Pokemon fan to shout out: “RIP OFF!”. One recent example of this is the just-localized-a-few-months-ago Yo-kai Watch.

I’ve actually played Yo-kai Watch myself, and the only similarity they share is the whole monster collecting thing. Yo-kai Watch itself has different gameplay, story, and characters altogether. Heck, if I were to describe it, it would be more like Earthbound meets Ni No Kuni meets the art-style of Professor Layton meets Japaneese Mythlogy and lore. (In fact, the creators of Yo-kai Watch is Level 5, the same guys who made Ni No Kuni and Professor Layton!)

But ever since it was announced, all the attention it got from news websites was: “Is Yo-kai Watch the new Pokemon?” and “Yo-kai Watch: Pokemon Killer!?”. And don’t get me started on how the Pokemon fanbase reacted… All they called it was: “Pokemon rip-off!”, “Nintendo stop localizing this”, and what-have-you. A long time ago, I used to be like that with the Digimon series. I realized that this generalizing the series like that was ridiculous when I saw the differences between it and Pokemon.

In truth, there are many works that involve monster collecting. Shin Megami Tensei, Monster Rancher, Puzzles and Dragons, the list goes on. Let’s just say, despite me clearly despising the Shin Megami Tensei fanbase, the games are worth a shot, and I wouldn’t consider it a Pokemon rip-off. Just remove the fanbase bit and that’s my thoughts on the other two I mentioned. All at the same time being a fan of Pokemon.

It’s fanbases like Pokemon that would try to ruin the success of another enjoyable game. Any bad fanbase can have bad fanfiction, bad fanart, broken bases, and more, but it’s a fanbase like Pokemon that would want to ruin the success of another game just because it’s similar to Pokemon.

So, for all those lazy people that are still going to spam the comment sections shouting “RIP-OFF!” over and over, CALM THE HECK DOWN. Having such a huge grudge against something is immature.

If you want an article that proves my point even more, check out this wonderful article from user Bluey Pikmin from Watch of Yo-kai.

Well, that’s the end of my vent… um… uh… *Revaryk can’t think of anything to put here.* *Walks away slowly* bye!

3 thoughts on “Vent: Is Yo-kai Watch really a rip-off of Pokemon?

  1. Totally and utterly agree!!
    There are so many monster collecting games like you pointed out. I think they see this might offer some competition and they don’t like that. But what’s wrong with having two great games to play?

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