What a Year!

2015 was a interesting year. I guess I’ll jokingly sum up what every month was like (For me, at least)

January: People begging for Zelda Wii U despite it having a -3.14 chance out of 10 chance of appearing next direct.Yay new Fire Emblem.


March: FANDOM ARGUMENTS! *Eats popcorn*

April: Count how many times the term Weeaboo (If you want a detailed explanation on what a weeaboo is then view this video)  is misused.

May: Waiting…. wait for an announcement….

June: I got into Fullmetal Alchemist (Manga) because I just wanted to read it. Best mistake of my life.

July: Rest in peace, Satoru Iwata.

August: (What happened other than my visit to Chincoteague?)

September: I’ll go through the rest of this year with determination! (Little did I know, an indie game with the arc word (Warning, TV Tropes may ruin your life link.) of determination came out a few days later.)

October: Twas’ was a spoopy month full of skeletons giving players bad times.

November: Hey look, the Nintendo Directs are back. Wait- HOW DID CLOUD GET INTO SMASH BROS!? (I don’t know what to feel)

December: Hey look Corrin/Kamui (The protagonist of the new Fire Emblem game, now know as Fire Emblem: Fates in the west.) is in Smash. Cool enough- WAIT WHAT IS BAYONETTA DOING HERE?! HAPPY HOLIDAYS PEOPLE, AND THE CENTER OF THE HYPE SUN IS FULL OF SALT.

And that’s the whole year for me in a nutshell. Overall, I’m looking forward to 2016. (As long as a certain racist, sexist, idiotic, bigot rich jerk doesn’t become president.) As Persona 5 and Zelda Wii U come out sometime then.

Well, I’ll leave you with a bit of arc words myself. I’m planning… something, but that something is a secret. You want a hint? One word: Reaction.

That’s all. See you guys and gals!


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