Warning: This is the Real-Life version of All Caps. If you cannot handle Caps lock, then fly off from this blog post.

So… there was a Smash Direct again today… I started up the stream  as few seconds way through the first trailer. And, I saw Fire Emblem: Fates!? What is this, a normal direct- WAIT WHAT IS THAT FOURTH OPTION!? CHOOSE TO SMASH- Wait… CORRIN IS JOINING SMASH OH MY GODS AND GODDESSES THAT WAS UNEXPECTED! AND HE CAN USE HIS DRAGON FORM?? OH MY DIN THAT IS AWESOME!!!!


*Sigh* Here we are… end of the Hype Train ride. I wonder who it is? Hm… Oh hey, new trailer! Alright, the Kid Icarus cast is in… THAT MUST MEAN IT’S HADES! Wait… that voice… MEDUSA!? WAIT- BAYONETTA!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! HOW DID SHE GET IN!? OH MY GOD- WHAT- THIS IS AWESOME BUT I’M STILL IN DISBELIEF HOW DID SHE GET IN- SHE WON THE SMASH BALLOT! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH

OH MY GOD! *Explodes*


She got too hyped and died on the Hype Train.



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