Revaryk is Playing Something

Once, there was a person who got bored. They decided to play a random video game that was so popular, it got an anime series that lasted 20-something episodes. This game was Tales of The Abyss.

The Tales of *Insert silly sounding name here* series is a JRPG (Japanese -Normally, can also be referred to as eastern- role playing game) series that’s well-known for many things. It’s fast paced combat system that reminds people of Super Smash Bros for some reason, these little conversations between party members known as skits, and plots that start out generic anime cliché storms then deconstruct and subvert about all of those clichés involved.

It’s a very popular series. Not as popular as say, The Elder Scrolls but popular nevertheless. My history with this series is kind of weird.

I played a tiny bit of the title that kickstarted the popularity of the Tales of series, Tales of Symphonia. Or, as a small bad pun I made, Tales of Saxphonia. I couldn’t get into it for some reason. A friend of mine really got into it though. So I never paid much attention to the series.

One day, I was bored to death and just so happened to buy a copy of Tales of The Abyss. Why not play it. The theme song is amazing so…

Now this silly article exists.

Now, my thoughts on the game so far. First, unpopular opinion time!

Am I the only one who’s not too annoyed with Luke (The main character) personality at the moment? It’s not as bad as… oh geez… ENVY.

That’s about it.

Otherwise, here’s a random compilation of stuff I thought about while playing the game. *Warning- Possible Minor spoilers*

  1. Why does nearly every character have a super long subtitle, name, thing?
  2. Guy. He’s a nice GUY!
  3. Wow. Tear owned a ‘bunch of guards by singing. Hear that? SINGING.
  4. Epic sword spear clash- OH NO WE’RE TELEPORTING!
  5. I swear to goodness Jade is awesome.
  7. Luke is a bit of a jerk.
  8. Fon master Ion is a guy. (Also, his green hair reminds me of a certain music software…)
  9. Anise is a weirdo. ❤ (Get it? She puts hearts at the end of every sentence she says?)
  10.  Am I the only one who thought Van was Tear’s father? It makes sense to me.

And that’s all I have to say for now.

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