Vocal Minorities are Stupid!

Why the heck are you saying

“Persona is killing Megaten”

when SMT IV Final is coming out? In my eyes, it’s stupid to see this very vocal minority complaining like this. If you want to argue about Persona and SMT, go to 4chan.

*sigh* I hate vocal minorities. They’re annoying, shoving their opinions in everyone’s faces. Don’t get me started on idiots like a certain Youtube commenter who can’t even use the word Weeaboo right.

But then again, the whole entirety of the games Atlus makes are prone to having very vocal followers.

ANYWAYS, it’s crud like vocal minorities that ruin the internet and fanbases. People who want Mima back in Touhou, the folks who hate The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, SMT fanboys… They can get annoying very fast. If only I never discovered forum sites and the YouTube comment section. If only…


Coming to you in 20XX

If 20XX is a year…

I wanted to vent this out. I hate the Shin Megami Tensei fanbase for a reason y’know. Sure, Persona’s fanbase is constantly talking about waifus ‘n crud, but is it necessary to go to a Persona reddit/comment section/whatever and start hating it out of nowhere? Seriously. They make me want to nuke Lucifer, the Demi-Fiend, and YHVH all together.

And in the end, it’s just your opinion. You can’t change the way things are going down, you can’t change someone else’s opinion, and you can’t change the way people think of some obscure character you mention every minute and a half. In the end, an opinion is an opinion. Don’t just shove it in everyone’s face, it’s just making you look just as bad as a 5-year old playing Call of Duty.

So, my basic summary for those too lazy to read the article?

Don’t be the vocal minority in a fanbase. It can make you look very immature.


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