Hey. I guess the last piece of speculation is worth mentioning, even though it’s only one small idea I had regarding the fact that Marth(a) isn’t in this game yet. This probably has much more than the mini-article I made.

Alright, onto the speculation!

First, the subject of Tsubasa Oribe’s sister! Yes, Tsubasa has a sister. Check out the gameplay video from E3 over here. According to some translations on the internet, her name is Kaguya. No, not that jerk moon princess from  Touhou. Now, back to the subject.

If you watched the gameplay footage, one villain is the splitting image of Tsubasa’s missing sister. They never really mentioned anything else about her, though. My theory on why Kaguya is with the evil Mirages is that when she went missing, she actually died. So, remember the Demi-Fiend from Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne? I think that it’s possible for a human to become a mirage. Except, unlike the Demi-Fiend, where he could choose what path he followed, Kaguya lost her memories and is at the mercy of whoever-the-heck-is-controlling her. When she had that headache/whatever near the middle of the cutscene, some memories of Tsubasa were coming back to her, but she denied them because “I have to follow sir Main Villain’s orders!”.

I think that Kaguya may have the opposite personality compared to Tsubasa. Tsubasa is a genki girl. Energetic, bubbly and happy. But Kaguya could possibly be the opposite of that. That means Kaguya is tired, miserable and depressed. Maybe because of something that happened in the past? Who knows at this point.

As for how Kaguya died, it’s possible she (was)-

A. Murdered. (Don’t know why.)

B. Ran into the whole mirage business and failed to escape death. (By accident or on purpose)

C. Committed suicide. (Well, she WAS miserable)

Well, who knows at this point? I guess my guesses are solid.

Now, my speculation about mirages in general.

As I mentioned before, Mirages are essentially brainwashed dead persona demon people. So, what could’ve killed the Fire Emblem characters?  Well, there’s the classic “TIIIIEMMM” thing, but what about the Idolasphere, A.K.A the place where the mirages originally came from? I think the Idolasphere could possibly be the Fire Emblem universe- After the end. But what destroyed the universe? I can’t come up with anything at all at the momentum, sadly.

As for how they work gameplay-wise, I think they’ll end up working like the personas and demons. In the gameplay, there are two levels. One for playable characters, and one for the mirages. But why two levels? It’s obvious! We can get more mirages! Thus, we can’t give up hope for Magvel, Elibe and Tellius characters yet! (WE LIKE IKE! WE LIKE IKE!) Probably by the classic fusion gameplay mechanics of past SMT and Persona games, where you can fuse (no, not like THAT) demons or persona to get a totally new one (Normally)

I hope you enjoyed this piece of speculation! If you have your own speculation to share, than why not share it in the comment section? Otherwise, bye!

What? Why are you still here?



Tehe… You think I was done? One last piece of speculation wouldn’t hurt. There are quite a bit of party members for a Persona/SMT styled RPG, y’know. So far, these are the confirmed ones. (Note, if I put a * next to him/her, it means he/she not entirely confirmed.)

Itsuki Aoi

Tsubasa Oribe

Toma Akagi

Kiria Kurono

Eleanora “Elly” Yumizuru

Mamori Minamoto

Yoshiro Tsurugi

*Barry Goodman

*Maiko Shimazaki


In total, that’s 10 party members! That’s quite a bit. But… I wonder what would happen if they died? Yep. This game’s story is about 30 hours long… so… I bet all my money that they can possibly die permanently! That feature is a staple of the whole Fire Emblem franchise, after all. It would also add some replay ability if you want to see what would result if Maiko Shimazaki or Barry Goodman died.

Don’t forget about the infamous alignment system SMT has! In the game, there are the classic dialogue choices. In the SMT series, there are three alignments-

Law- For dictators and control freaks.

Neutral- Duh, they’re neutral.

Chaos- For social Darwinists and blood knights.

So, if we follow this assumption, then there will be multiple endings, that will probably involve some form of the alignments. Once again, I can’t think of how this will work. So, think about it yourself!

Well.. that was a mouthful…

Wait, you managed to read all of this!?

You deserve a cookie!

Thank you. Bye!


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