Genei Imbonroku #FE Vent

Alright, I wanted to get this off mind for a while.

Oh my, I am getting sick and tired of the hate for this game. I think it’s okay to not like the game (from what we’ve seen of it.) but the hate is almost becoming hate dumb. Seriously. Some fans I’ve seen on the internet call Genei Imbonroku #FE “Weeaboo trash” or “Weeaboo (Censor bleep)” without knowing the actual meaning of the word. So here’s my very short and basic definition on what a weeaboo is.

A weeaboo is one of those anime fans. They always use Japanese words in public and make them sound stupid (And never forget how they butcher them) and abandon their own culture. What stops an anime fan from becoming a weeaboo is that they don’t abandon their own culture and generally don’t butcher words in public. If you want a longer explanation and why it’s bad, watch this video by Youtuber TheAnimeMan It’s a really informative video and explains why these weeaboo people are crazy. (Warning, there is some cursing)

I find it really annoying that people are calling the game bad because it doesn’t appeal to them. Personally, I find the whole idol idea annoying because I don’t like stuff about idols and crud. It doesn’t mean I’m not excited for it. The gameplay looks awesome. The battle system is looking good and shiny. If you don’t like the idol style special moves and are bothered by everything about the game, then just don’t play it.

I wanted to vent about the artstyle. It’s not a bad artstyle, FAAAAR from it. But I just hate how everyone is bashing the character designs. I see absolutely nothing wrong with the Mirage designs, and the human character designs are just fine. What I find annoying are the people who say “KAZUMA KANAKO SHOULD’VE DONE THE CHARACTER DESIGNS!”. I personally don’t really like his art. Well, he does demon designs beautifully, I’ll give him that, but his designs for people? They look so gersh dang bland! I know the whole SMT fanbase will kill me for saying that.

Finally, let’s talk about the thing I find the TRUE problem in this madness. The timing of the original teaser trailer. The teaser was released back in 2013. Back when this project was still under conceptualization, early development possibly. What we saw was a ‘bunch of SMT and Fire Emblem in a very simple trailer. Just lined up pictures of the characters of these series. This was just a proof of concept! But the timing… They really could’ve scrapped that simple and silly trailer from that direct, but NOOOOO. “We have to show this now Atlus!” “Yeah, sure! Good idea!” I bet that was the conversation Atlus and Nintendo had while planning the direct. I love these two companies, but come on, stupid move guys! It’s as bad as placing a Pegasus Knight right next to a archer. *Sigh*

Well, that’s all I have to say ’bout that. I wanted to let it all out. (Sings the 2nd ending from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) Oh, right. Heh, hope you agreed or enjoyed this long thing I wrote.


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