This is Somewhat Embaressing to Admit.

When I first played Fire Emblem: Awakening, I didn’t know Chrom (The game’s main character) had to choose a wife by the end of Chapter 11. If he isn’t married, he’ll marry the opposite gender character he has the highest support with. This is known as “Auto-marriage” around the Fire Emblem fandom and can happen in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of The Holy War where it’s required for that game’s decoy protagonist Siguard.

Now, during my first playthrough, Chrom didn’t support any of the other ladies because I thought that he could marry any girl in the game (with the exception of Lissa.) When he actually only marry Sumia, Sully, Maribelle, Olivia, female Robin (Who was called Laren in my first playthrough) and a random village maiden. So I tried to marry him to Miriel because I thought it would be funny to have the queen of Ylisse be a bookworm who uses too many hard-to-understand scientific words that no one ever uses. But it turns out Chrom can’t marry Miriel for some reason.

So… when it came time for him to marry someone, my character, Laren, had the highest support level with him (C in case if you’re wondering). So… yeah. I originally intended Laren to marry Lon’qu because he’s awesome. But in the end, Chrom just looked at Laren in the shower and probably thought: “Wow she’s hot.”. Star-crossed lovers, silly trope I tell you!

Long story short: I accidently married Chrom on my first playthrough of Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Note- I am NOT a Chrobin shipper. I don’t even like the ship! 


4 thoughts on “This is Somewhat Embaressing to Admit.

  1. I can see some people who played Genealogy first expecting Chrom to have a predetermined lover. Then again, that story is more dependent on Sigurd and Deirdre pairing up while Awakening’s narrative is a bit more flexible. If it’s one thing I like about Awakening over Genealogy is that you’re not punished too much for experimenting with the pairings. Genealogy could really mess you up if you aren’t fully aware of the game mechanics, and getting stuck with the substitute characters in the second half isn’t recommended. That said, I do like Genealogy a lot; it’s my favorite non-localized Fire Emblem title.

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    • I actually didn’t know that in the past. Interesting that Genealogy of The Holy War pushed Deidre X Siguard and punished you for pairing other characters together. Anyways, I have to agree with you on Awakening’s marriage system. I love pairing different characters up, it’s an interesting game mechanic. I wish I could play Genealogy of The Holy War though, it looks like a cool game. Oh well, at least I’m enjoying Sacred Stones. (I’m bad at the old support system though…)


      • Actually, Sigurd and Deirdre have to pair up; you have no control over that. When I said that the game could mess you up if you don’t know how it works, I was referring to the other pairings, which you do have control over. Every other female character in the first half of Genealogy will have two children, and depending on who you pair them with, you could end up with very powerful or nearly worthless units in the second half. It mostly boils down to pairing them up in a way that allows their children to gain the best skills.

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