Vent/Rant- People I *ahem* Wish Would Dissapear to Another Dimension.

Mariotehplumber. A.K.A- How to NOT be a self-proclaimed fanboy. Hoo boy, Why do people like him exist? Why? Not only are his parents possibly RELATED, he is selfish, idiotic, and just… terrible. Plus, he’s racist and sexist. Last time I checked, that’s unacceptable in every term. He’s like the Westboro Church, enforcing opinions on everyone. but even worse. What does he do, you ask? Well, he only uses identity theft to buy Amiibo. (More specifically, the female fighters like Rosalina and Lucina) Oh yeah, he claims to be saving people from “Hentai s—“. Oh really? He claims that the word “Onii-chan” is Hentai when in reality, it’s just a way of saying Big Brother in Japanese (That or Nii-san). And to think, he has an actual girlfriend. Yep, this loser has a girlfriend. How? I don’t know, maybe it’s his sister? Yeah, and he claims he’s trolling. Ugh…

ISIS. The personification of religious extremists. Yeah, if you’ve done all the research, you probably know why I hate them. Even worse is that they claim they’re Muslims. Last time I checked, Muslims don’t kill people over Allah. Sure God/Allah’s merciful ‘n all, but how could he forgive a group of people stealing other’s lives. They had families! They had friends! They had a home to go back to! Why are they so un-empathetic?

Speaking of Religion, I really dislike those religious TV Shows about people praising God for literally everything. Y’know, the ones saying “Hey, If you want _________ to happen, send all yo moneys to us! We’ll probably just use it to increase our well-being anyways, so all the stuff we put on the show is fake!” People believe this crud? Seriously, nothing against religion or anything, but how is this helping people? Don’t get me started on that religious preacher that said “Pokémon is satanic!” Listen, whatever-your-name-is, Entertainment has nothing to do with religion. And that’s how it should stay.


Final words: This world has some pretty twisted people out there.


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