Vent- Why are you complaining about what you wanted?

Alright. This is something that is really annoying. So, before Super Paper Mario came out, some people were complaining that the Paper Mario spin-off series didn’t have enough platforming. Come Super Paper Mario and it fixes that issue…but now the people who wanted more platforming are complaining about it and saying the game is the worst because blah, blah, blah.

Then there’s Persona 4 where the game gets a lot of hate in the SMT and Persona 1 and 2 fanbases(Possibly Persona 3’s as well.) Because it’s “Upbeat and happy” (And has too many spin-offs, but if you ask me, that’s fairly reasonable.). Even though the Persona 3 fans wanted this, due to complaints about the bittersweet ending and sad tone in Persona 3. So now you’re complaining about Persona 4’s upbeat story even though the fans of 3 wanted this.

It’s truly annoying how people get what they want, only to complain more about it. If you dislike Persona 4 for reasons other than it’s “Anime *Censor bleep*” then I respect your opinion. If you dislike Super Paper Mario for some reason other than “It’s not a Paper Mario game” then you’re fine. But keep in mind, this is what the majority wanted. Sure, it’s not what you and some other people wanted, but you just have to bear with it for now.


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