“Nintendo Games are for kids.” They Said.

Sometimes, people claim Nintendo games are for kids.

Oh really?
Then how come…

(Note- Xenoblade counts as 2nd party. Not 3rd party.)

*WARNING: Spoilers for Xenoblade Chronicles, Paper Mario, Fire Emblem: Awakening, and more*

  1. Vivian (From Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year door) is abused by her sisters verbally.
  2. Bobbery’s wife died.
  3. Emmeryn committed suicide by falling off a cliff.
  4. King Gangrel is an insane, murder-loving jerk who feels no remorse for Emmeryn dying. (If you don’t recruit him in the post-game.)
  5. Henry is implied to commit suicide if you leave him single at the end of the game.
  6. Noire was abused by her mother, Tharja, just because of her grief over Robin.
  7. Lissa’s secretly depressed over what happened to Emmeryn.
  8. Chrom wanted revenge against Gangrel
  9. Robin’s actually the vessel for Grima’s spirit, and thus, he may gain control over him.
  10. Lucina comes from a future where Grima gains control of Robin.
  11. Fiora dies about an hour into Xenoblade
  12. Colony 6 was destroyed by the Mechon.
  13. Dunban lost the use of his right arm due to not being able to control the Monado.
  14. The whole universe of Xenoblade came about due to a science experiment.
  15. The Faced Mechon are actually brainwashed Homs.
  16. The High Entia are actually the Telethia.
  17. The Mechon are actually led by Egil, a Machina who just wants Zanza dead for what he’s done to his friend, Arglas, and almost destroys Bionis because of this.
  18. One Nopon is a drug-dealer.
  19. MAJORA’S MASK. (The whole game)
  20. The village children in Twilight Princess worrying over the monsters in Kakariko village. (Keep in mind that they were in the Twilight Realm, Link was there, but they couldn’t see him)
  21. The cutscene before the lakebed temple explaining the origins of the Fused Shadow.
  22. The cutscene after beating the temple.
  25. DEAD HAND.
  26. Eternal Darkness.
  27. The universe of Splatoon is actually post-apocalyptic earth.
  28. The Octolings aren’t evil. They’re just desperate.
  29. The sounds that play if you wait a few minutes after beating a boss.
  30. (Insert your own examples here)

Sometimes, I wonder if the people who claim Nintendo is for kids even played a Nintendo game.


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