(Vent/Rant)- What’s wrong with chosing the Easiest Difficulty in a Video Game?

I was looking through the comment section of a video and found this really stupid comment this one user made. The comment was about the new difficulty known as Phoenix mode in Fire Emblem: Fates/if. This mode is only available on the easiest difficulty (Normal) and allows Units to revive on the next turn if they die. In other words, they don’t die when they’re killed. The user was complaining about it because of the fact that it’s easier than Casual mode (Units come back next chapter/Side mission/whatever) and said that he just wants ONLY classic (Units die permanently) though judging on how he worded it, he was probably a troll. I would say his comment was like this (More or less)

“Eww there’s a mode easier than Casual? THIS IS DA WORST FIAH EMBLUM -6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000/10.!!!!!”

But there’s one thing I must ask the gaming community: What is wrong with people who play games on the easiest difficulty? Other than it’s “Easy” (Ahem, Persona 4 and 3‘s Easy difficulties are blatant lies) what’s wrong with it? And that’s what I don’t get. Apparently gamers like the one who made that comment just don’t realize that people are bad at Video Games like Fire Emblem and whatever else. I’m bad at Video Games like Fire Emblem so I play on the easier difficulties. I still had trouble on certain stages, and sometimes I made a mistake that would make the mission utterly hopeless to win. Same thing goes for the dungeon crawler Etrian Odyssey 4

Gamers should be thankful that the Developers want other people to play their games, regardless of Skill and Luck. Fire Emblem: Awakening is the game that makes me want to play the other games in the series. People who still don’t get the point- here’s the short version-

Don’t be a Jerk to those who play on easier difficulties!

One thought on “(Vent/Rant)- What’s wrong with chosing the Easiest Difficulty in a Video Game?

  1. I too have found it quite baffling how people will complain about the inclusion of easy modes in games. There exists a wonderful invention called a controller. Among other things, it allows one to select a difficulty setting when prompted so that the rules of the ones they don’t pick will not apply to the current playthrough.

    A likely scenario with a lot of these people is that they grew up in a time where they were bullied for liking anything that goes against the (admittedly arbitrary) grain of what’s acceptable. Video games were a sanctuary for these people; no one could take that away from them. The inclusion of easy modes in games, especially recent ones, allows people of varying skill levels to enjoy or get into them if they’re unfamiliar with the series or genre. These so-called hardcore gamers don’t care that they themselves were all newbies at some point or that something they like is getting more recognition; they perceive new players as a threat, usually under the mistaken belief that video games are being dumbed down for them. The bitter attitudes they’ve developed as a result of the teasing they endured ultimately caused them to shun newbies and in doing so, they’ve become the type of person they held resentment towards all those years back. It demonstrates both a degree of egocentrism and a lack of self-awareness this vocal minority has.

    It’s also a naïve and shortsighted viewpoint – after all, if a game sells more units, would that not encourage developers to make sequels, thereby giving them a chance to make an even better installment? It’s a much better motivation than making a game that only appeals to 100 people. It doesn’t matter how devoted they are; doing so would be financial suicide.

    Anyway, I really like the Fire Emblem series. I enjoyed Awakening am looking forward to the new installment. I’m glad to see more people get into the series; I’ve followed the series since Blazing Sword (the first localized game), and it’s finally getting the recognition it deserves.

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