Random and Stupid Timeline Headcannon-Thing: Part 1

In case if you’re wondering, I made this headcannon fiction timeline because of my Fangirlness and how many times I think: “What if (Insert work of fiction here) actually took place in the same universe as (Insert work of fiction here)!”.  So then I came up with this… Yeah…

Notes to people who don’t know- Headcannon= Something you think is true in fiction that was never said was true. Example- I think that Yandere-chan and her Senpai are both fans of Mirai Nikki.

Onto my Headcannon Timeline of Fiction.

-Creation of The World-

  • The gods Palutena, Viridi, Dyntos, Medusa, and Hades came into existence for some forever unexplained reason.
  • Palutena, Viridi, Dyntos and Medusa create the World.
  • Hades was very salty about the idea.
  • Medusa created Chaos and Darkness.
  • Viridi created life and nature.
  • Dyntos created Magic and Technology.
  • Palutena created Law and Light.
  • Hades, on his own, created The Underworld.
  • Palutena creates Skyworld and the centurions.
  • Dyntos just goes off and starts developing weapons on his own.
  • Viridi goes off and does her own thing.
  • Civilization develops.

-First Crisis-

  • Hades manipulates Medusa to turn random people to stone.
  • Palutena turns Medusa into a monster and sends her to the Underworld.
  • Medusa and her newfound minions (Not those Minions) capture Palutena and turn most of the centurions to stone. The only one that wasn’t affected was Pit, Palutena’s general.
  • Pit goes on a journey to rescue Palutena.
  • Pit gets the Three Sacred Treasures (Some gear and weapons made by Dyntos) and defeats Medusa and rescues Palutena.

-Things that happened before the events of Kid Icarus: Uprising-

  • Philemon and Nyarlypotept- Nyarlpotep- OH LET’S JUST CALL HIM NYARLY, make their bet that Humanity will become the best race ever, or it’ll destroy itself.
  • Pyrrhon comes into existence.
  • Viridi starts hating humans.
  • Some Spaceship dude from another dimension somehow defeats every Arcade players bane, Sinistar.

Kid Icarus: Uprising

  • Hades remakes Medusa by using all these souls.
  • Palutena and Pit go and beat up that revived Medusa
  • Along the way, Pandora uses the Mirror of Truth to make Dark Pit.
  • Hades reveals his plan. (Not the whole Soul part of it)
  • Pit and Palutena go to get the fake Wish Seed (name’s pretty Self-Explanatory) and sadly fell into Hades’ trap to set up a gigantic war between everyone.
  • Viridi drops a Reset bomb during the gigantic war.
  •  Pit beats Viridi’s Generals Cragalanche, Arlon and Phosphera.
  • The Aurum (Evil aliens generated by a destroyed Sinistar) invade. Palutena, Hades, Viridi and Pyrron agree to team up to defeat this new enemy.
  • Palutena, Pit, Viridi, and Hades fight a Sinistar-possessed Pyrron and succeed.
  • The Chaos Kin (A weapon created by Viridi that went insane and was forced to be sealed away by Arlon) takes Palutena’s soul and sealed Pit inside a ring.
  • After some trial and error, Pit gets his body back and, with some help from Dark Pit, Viridi and The Chariot Master’s Chariot, they saved Palutena’s soul. But then the Chaos Kin tries to take Dark Pit’s Soul. Pit saves him due to the if that happens then the same happens to me connection. But it cost Pit his life.
  • Palutena and Viridi send Dark Pit to revive Pit by using the Rewind Spring in the Underworld. Hades reveals the fact that all his minions are all made by human souls. Pandora ambushes Dark Pit at the Rewind Spring only for Dark Pit to defeat her. With Pit revived, they go to take on Hades.
  • Hades tries to eat Pit. Pit escapes by defeating Hades’ Heart.
  • Palutena, Pit, and Viridi all go to Dyntos and complete his “3” (Really more) trials to get the Mecha- The Great Sacred Treasure. They succeed.
  • Pit and Hades fight each other. Pit defeats Hades for good with some help from Medusa, who won’t play the puppet anymore.
  • Many years after the event, the gods disappeared with no traces of what they’ve done.

-End of the First part-

Copyright thing- I do not own Kid Icarus: Uprising or Kid Icarus. I do not own Persona 1 and 2 either.


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