Random RP idea (Maybe the only one I have)

For those who don’t know, RP stands for Role play. It’s when people roleplay as a character, it means that they’re pretending to be them. They group up with other people doing the same thing and set up a story-type whatever thingamajig.

Onto the idea!

It’s an RP based on the main plot of “The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask” To sum up the plot of that game, some random idiot finds an evil mask and wears it. Only to get possessed and start wrecking havoc on everything. Don’t forget the fact that he’s also ending the world in three days. So, it’s up to Link, who ended up in the land of Termina, to save the land within 3 days. Don’t worry, if things start getting bad, you can use the trusty Song of Time to rewind.

This RP is a crossover what- if scenario  where Majora starts wrecking havoc on other universes other than Termina. Basically, he ends up setting off a crazy series of events between all sorts of universes The universes involved will probably be: Ylisse (“Fire Emblem: Awakening”) The Boktai ‘verse (Boktai) Gensokyo (Touhou) and whatever else someone can come up with (Don’t put too many universes in or it might get too confusing)

The only characters I will RP as are Tatl (Link’s partner) and the Narrator (The guy who explains what’s going on) You can RP any character with an open spot. Also, no matter what you do, do not break these rules I made.

1: If you’re using an OC (Original Character) do not make him/her a Marty Stu/ Mary Sue. (A Mary Sue is a character arctype where the character has no flaws at all) If you do, you’re banned from doing anything with that character ever again.

2: Do not spam.

3: ABOLULTY NEVER call someone the R word or “Autistic”. I know what they actually mean and it drives me insane when someone uses them wrong.

4: Make sure that you have a good schedule.

5: Have loads of fun!


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