Spot an Inconsistancy? Tired of Touhou themed Guesses? Use these!

1. Gainax ending.

2. Someone is messing with everyone’s mental state.

3. Spiral Energy. (GIGA DRILL BREAKER!!!!!)

4. Aliens

5. Gods

6. YHVH and the Devil are being crazy as usual.

7.  Palutena, Viridi, and Hades are warring against each other again.

8. Someone tried to get a Marth Amiibo.

9. Haruhi Suzumiya.

10. Rainbows

11. SpongeBob is messing around again.

12. Ugly Barnacle

13. You just got Rickrolled!

14. Dragons.

15. Earth Dragons.

16. Michael Bay.

17. MLG 360 NOSCOPE!!!!

18.Territorial Rotbart

19. Avalanche Abaasy

20. Primeus (This is technically Touhou considering his stage entrance, but he’s not from a Touhou game)

21. Bowser.

22. Something about swag.

23. The Illuminati

24. Yanderes

25. Tsunderes

26. Kuuderes

27. Derederes


29. Gannondorf hijacked the plot again.

30. Izanami

31. Robots

32. Sigma hijacked the plot again.

33. Midna is messing around again.

34. The Twilight Realm.


That’s all I came up with. So, come up with your own!


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