Xenoblade Chronicles: How I got into this game

         Xenoblade Chronicles. This game came out in America back in 2011 because of a campaign to get Xenoblade and two other games; The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower to America. The Last Story got mixed reviews despite being critically acclaimed in Japan. Pandora’s Tower got some good reviews and Xenoblade was critically acclaimed for its plot and open-world. However, it was a GameStop exclusive, so you have to go to your nearest GameStop to get the game.

I used to go on Nintendo’s website a lot to look at the Video Games they had and one day, Xenoblade was on the list. I watched the trailer over and over again. All I knew about the plot was that there were these two titans- Bionis and Mechonis- and they killed each other and life came about and those life forms tried beating each other up. I thought it would be a normal Man V.S Machine Black and White morality type story.

I didn’t pay much attention to the game until I watched a Walkthrough of the game by the YouTube channel Chuggaaconroy. This was an awesome let’s play. The commentary is funny, helpful and interesting. When the New 3DS   port came out, I played it all the way through in April and May. It’s now tied with Fire Emblem: Awakening as my favorite game of all time (At the momentum at least)



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