Eric’s backstory.

Eric had a normal childhood, until his parents died from an attack from some bandits near his village. After that, he was adopted by the parents of his close Friend/ enemy Lily. Lily used to pick on him a lot when she was four. Thus the enemy title, though over the course of a few months, the two became good friends. One summer night, Lily and Eric were exploring some ruins that surfaced up after an earthquake hit. But then Lily activated a device in the ruins that ended up sending them deeper within them. Then a mysterious group of people came after Lily and Eric. Lily tried fighting them, but she was no match for them and fainted. Eric came to try doing this as well, but, you guessed it, Eric fainted. Eric woke up at the sight of those men, their leader being a man known as Kuro. Kuro told Eric that he was in the middle of the fields of a land far away from his own. Lily was nearby, but she was going to get bitten by two wolf creatures! Eric immediately came to their aid, only to get bit himself. Eric then turned into one of them himself! Lily, knowing that he was not himself punched him, only for Eric to gain his senses and attack those other wolfs. Eric, after beating those two up, noticed that he transformed into a wolf, he well… let’s see for ourselves. (…Wait, WHAT!? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAHHHHAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) So then Kuro came and told them that he wanted Eric like that in the first place. As Kuro was going to kill Lily, Eric ran off with Lily, not looking back. The two stopped when Kuro lost sight of them. It was already day, and Lily wanted to go to the village nearby so that they can rest. Eric disagreed because he couldn’t look like this in front of everyone else. Lily replied: “for once in my life, I’ll protect you.” And they went into the village. Though the villagers seemed calm about this. So Lily saw that someone was there to help him, and that is Vivian. Vivian told them that she had to deal with many stuff like this before, and she would help by detecting the curse and get rid of it. So, they invited the two to stay in her house, where 2 other friends of her live. Laren is Vivian’s apparent twin sister and is from the far, far future and Kyle, a young adventurer who went because of “secret reasons”. That night Vivian tried to get rid of the curse, but her powers were too weak to get rid of it entirely. So, she restored Eric’s human form. She told Eric and Lily this and that Eric can transform into a wolf at will. Kyle told them that a group of Lycans did it because they wanted Eric to be part of their clan. Now, Eric and Lily live with Laren, Vivian and Kyle, soon, they will set out to stop a series of evil clans so that the village will live on. But, the outcome of this story will wait for another time.



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