Speculation on The Legend of Zelda Wii U (Not the official title)

Ah, The Legend of Zelda, one of the most beloved video game franchises ever! Before we start with the epic speculation, let’s start with my history with it. So, I found out about Legend of Zelda in a different way than you think. It started when I was looking at Super Smash Brothers roster of characters. Because of my knowledge of video games back then, I only knew the Mario characters. The other characters were totally new to me.

Now an overview of my thoughts on the characters from when I was five or something, Legend of Zelda characters- elves and a ninja! Fire emblem.

You are thinking, “Um…who are these people?” Everyone else, “Who are these guys!!!???”

Yeah, I found out about The Legend of Zelda from Smash Bros. When I discovered my new love and joy, the internet, I found videos showcasing The Legend of Zelda games, and I fell in love. Though, my first Zelda game would actually be A Link between Worlds. Then, I got stuck on every temple. It was a very enjoyable game though. Second game was Twilight Princess. Now, speculation!

But first, you may want to look up the trailer for Zelda Wii u first. It’s on YouTube.

So, you watched the trailer?


Awesome! So, speculation time! So, this trailer starts off with Link and (supposedly) Link’s horse Epona. All is a peaceful setting until this… thing, comes up to fire its lasers at him! So, now they are running off.

Now we get a look at the (supposed) forest area, where this enemy is chasing him down! Then we get to see Link and Epona running across a bridge when whatever it is chases them down. Then Link takes off his hoodie when we all notice he has a ponytail! Now, he has had a ponytail before, if you read the manga by Akira Himekawa.

So, the biggest mystery in this trailer is not the big baddie chasing Link, its Link himself. Now, you are free to comment about your speculation, as long as you know the lore, if there’s a comment using Zelda lore wrong, I will come correct it.

Anyway, hope you actually watched the trailer! Bye Bye!


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