Critique of Hyrule Warriors.

Hey, guys and gals! I bought Hyrule Warriors (video game)! So, here’s the point. I’m sure you’re asking, “Hey, did you like the game or not?” Well, let’s find out! So, if you read my last post on Hyrule Warriors (you should by the way) you probably know some of the story. Well, if you didn’t, I’ll fill you in. The story takes place in a land named Hyrule, (Hence the title) there’s been an issue. Now, there’s a sorceress who watches over the Triforce, an ancient artifact that the goddesses who created Hyrule left and is essentially, usually, what the main villain of the franchise, Gannondorf, wants in order to take over Hyrule.

So, who stops him? A young man (Or boy) Link! So, he seals him away almost every game, always saving the princess Zelda as well. One (not part of the official story) time, he split him into four pieces and sealed them off into different places in time. Well, the final piece was sealed in Link’s iconic sword, the Master Sword.

What does the sorceress have to do with this? Let’s just say, She wasted too much of her time watching most of Link’s adventures, gets overly addicted to him and gets corrupted, now leading an army of monsters.

When the game starts, you (after selecting legend mode, aka ‘story’) in an opening cut scene where, in a nutshell Bad dream, monsters, and that one over powered guy who is surely not the main character. Actually, I was just kidding on that last part. Now, you start out on the first level, where you will get familiar with the combat system, which focuses on beating up a bunch of enemies at a time, and making sure the map is not taken over. This first level, while taking up to 20-30 minutes of time, is super fun just beating up a lot of enemies. This level ends with a boss battle against- okay, don’t say the meme please- King Dodongo! Finish him off to beat the first level!

So, it’s a really fun game. If you don’t like games like Dynasty Warriors, it’s likely you won’t enjoy this game to its fullest. If you want to get into a fun game, or into this genre, this is a nine out of ten!


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