Problems with… Idols these days

Something has been bothering me lately, and that’s idols in today’s culture. Now, you can have your opinion that you love One Direction, Taylor Swift, and anyone else, but this is my preference, my opinion. Nikki Minaj is a terrible role model for girls. I once heard a quote that essentially means all girls like makeup, dress up, and all that pretty stuff, when in reality; there are some girls who are not like that. Also, she has a weird singing voice, and her music is just… why? Why would someone write a song about that? (It’s Anaconda by the way) It’s like she wasn’t even thinking! Now, on to… oh god… Justin Bieber. Now, I could go on and on and on about how terrible of a person he is, and how his voice sounds like a little girl who has the worst music. But, the most embarrassing thing about him is… he started out on YouTube. HE STARTED OUT ON YOUTUBE! How in the world can someone so terrible at music, start out on YouTube! Want to know about how terrible he is? There is a video on YouTube showing someone throwing a water bottle at him. My point is, we need better music. People like this can’t be accepted for their monstrosities of “music” or the way they act!


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