Video games I’m excited for #1

So, there has been a video game I am Super excited for at the moment, and that is… (Insert epic drumroll here) Hyrule Warriors! What genre of game is it? Well, here’s some back story Dynasty Warriors is a popular action game which loosely follows Chinese history. The Legend of Zelda video game series is more exploration and puzzle focused than Dynasty Warriors. What Hyrule warriors does, is combine the gameplay of Dynasty Warriors with the Zelda lore. The game is about a young man named Link who appears to be 17-18 years old. He starts out as an ordinary swordsman for Hyrule, the main setting for this game, later; he ends up being the owner of the Triforce of Courage. The Triforce is a divine power left behind by the goddesses who created Hyrule, it is divided into 3 pieces. The one I already mentioned, wisdom, and power. Wisdom belongs to the main female of the cast Zelda, and power, well; let’s just say he doesn’t come up till later. There are other characters such as: Midna, a strange little imp whose identity I will not spoil! Lana, a sorceress whom is a strange fellow, really. Agitha, the bug girl, Darunia, the strong brute force of the group. Fi, a spirit in a sword, and sheik, whose identity I WILL NOT SPOIL! Also, the army captain Impa. There are also some other characters I won’t mention. The villains are the evil sorceress Cia, who is… um…, weird to be honest, Volga, who works with Cia and is a part-dragon, (maybe) Wizzro, a strange um… (Something I can’t describe again!) Gannondorf, the guy who has the Triforce of Power, Ghirahim, a flamboyant demon lord, and Finally, Zant, The psychotic usurper king. Overall, most of these characters are from “The Legend of Zelda” So, yeah, Hyrule warriors YAY!!!!


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